Custom Chocolate boxes are, as their name suggests, used to pack chocolates. Cardboard, rigid, and Kraft are the most common materials used to manufacture them, which are robust, durable & eco-friendly. This keeps chocolates fresh and protected from temperature changes and moisture and maintains their quality and taste. Additionally, these chocolate packaging boxes have a lot of printing options. Putting your text on them enhances their aesthetics & makes them more expressive. 

These boxes can also be customized with catchy chocolate graphics to excite dark chocolate lovers. If you want your boxes personalized, MY BOXES HUB can print them in your favorite colors. Whether gloss, matte, A.Q., or any other lamination, these fine qualities of the printing on the boxes can be protected and amplified. Eco-friendly and short-run, these packages are affordable and eco-friendly. We will turn your thoughts into a personalized chocolate box representing the true essence of your confectionery inside, so get your custom chocolate boxes. 

Check out the Most Popular Chocolate Packaging Options

A well-structured, high-quality, and visually appealing website is our specialty. We offer a wide range of custom packaging options for your delicious chocolate products at MY BOXES HUB. Our chocolate boxes and bonbon packaging will reflect your products’ scrumptiousness and your company’s personality, whether it’s chocolate gift boxes or bonbon packaging. We’ll create a killer chocolate box for your product, no matter the challenge. See a few examples of custom chocolate boxes we’ve made for our customers below:

  • Ribbon-wrapped rigid chocolate boxes
  • Blister-insert luxury box
  • Gift Boxes made of cardboard
  • A window box in Kraft
  • A pillow box you can customize
  • Chocolate gift boxes in triangles
  • Chocolate sleeve box
  • Hexagon boxes for chocolate bites
  • Plus many other options.

Would you like to create a custom chocolate box if you don’t know which package to choose or want to create something unique? With our experts at your disposal, we can handle everything, no matter how complicated it gets! We can take a few to 1000’s no point in the budget, deadline, or design. Feel free to fill out our quote form or call us directly for more information.

Personalized Chocolate Boxes make a statement

Customers buy chocolates because they symbolize happiness and love, and their packaging boxes often represent those emotions. Additionally, they’d like to see an organized arrangement of treats rather than a bunch of junk. Thus, it would help if you highly had highly stylish chocolate packaging wholesale that stirs your customers’ taste buds but is tear-resistant under the surface. With high-quality materials and outstanding printing capabilities, MY BOXES HUB offers a complete range of chocolate packaging solutions. Work with us to make an attractive and robust custom box you’ll love. Our chocolate boxes are affordable and fully customizable in any quantity you want, whether it’s a short-run or a wholesale order. When it comes to crafting your chocolate packaging, here are a few options:

Boxes of various sizes

Chocolates have no size or shape, just like happiness has no size or shape. Our chocolate boxes come in any form and size to fit your confections, from long chocolate to small chocolate bites, and we have all the expertise and resources to craft one for you.

Chocolate box inspiration

In addition to the idea of packing your chocolates for an event or just as a gift, we’ve got plenty of box ideas. Choose from existing boxes or have us make you a unique and perfect printed chocolate gift box, a high-end chocolate packaging box, and many more.

Packaging that’s food-grade

There are a lot of health risks involved in packaging confectionery like chocolate. We don’t have to worry about such a thing when it comes to our boxes since we only use FDA-approved materials and coatings on all our packages, so you don’t have to worry about such things.

Printing that’s high-quality

Personalized chocolate boxes need food-grade material, and they also need good printing. Printing on your boxes can be done digitally or offset, producing crisp, vivid images or vector graphics.

Finished in a particular way

Custom boxes can give off the impression that you’re unique, and that’s what we all strive to achieve. Reflective finishing options such as gloss/matte and accessories like ribbons and bows are a great way to give your custom chocolate boxes this effect. Making your boxes with us is easy since we have many options.

Dividers and inserts

Make sure you work on the appearance of your chocolate packaging and the display of your chocolates inside, too, if you want to make your customers happy. Get tray inserts with shapes specific to your chocolates in your boxes to create an elegant backdrop for your chocolates. We can assist in this area and make us proud of our work. You can get any tray insert you want to put in your boxes, no matter how complicated the shape is.

Our Custom Chocolate Boxes Have Irresistible Perks

Diligent Experts

We provide one-on-one consultations from the initial creativity stage to completing the boxes. From the initial design to delivery, our dedicated specialists can assist you through the entire process without hassle. We want to make the unboxing experience the best for you and your customers.

Packaging & Consultation

The packaging specialists at our company work with you to develop winning packaging strategies based on an understanding of your business objectives.

Get free design help

With our custom chocolate packaging, we give our customers exclusive design support. We are always available to make everything easy for you, whether you need assistance altering your old box or creating a new one. Also, if you need assistance choosing what type of printing is best suited for your boxes, we can help you. Moreover, you can also get online proofs for free as a means of validating every aspect of the box you make. Additionally, we can provide a physical sample upon request. Contact our live chat support team if you need further information.

Solutions for Cost-Effective Boxes

Our affordable prices have also made us famous in many parts of the world. This is why it is evident that we also deliver the best Custom Chocolate boxes at the best prices to our visitors. We have affordable prices for both short-run and bulk orders, whether you’re a start-up or an established brand. Generally, you will save more money by buying in bulk. The boxes still have the same top-notch quality even at these low prices. We manufacture these under strict quality control to ensure we don’t get faulty boxes.

Delivered on time, every time

There is nothing more valuable than time. Due to the importance of time to our customers, we strive to save them as much as possible. This is why we have a fast delivery system in place. Usually, you’ll get your boxes within 10 to 14 business days for free. However, if you need them immediately, you can use our expedited shipping option within 7 to 9 working days for a minimal fee. Any more information you need can be obtained from our customer service representatives.

Providing efficient customer service

A company’s top priority is to take care of its customers. As a result, we try our very best to ensure that we can achieve that goal. To achieve it, we must communicate effectively. We have a team of competent customer service representatives as a result. You can reach them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever you need assistance regarding customizations, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Your questions will be answered promptly by them. 


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